Army Ranks and Salary

Philippine Army Ranks and Salary

Last Updated 08.02.2024

The Philippine Army is the main, oldest and largest branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It is responsible for land combat and operations in the country.

It also has a long history of fighting for freedom. The Philippine Army traces its origins to the Katipunan, a Filipino resistance movement that sought to overthrow Spanish rule in the Philippines.

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The Philippines uses a system of ranking where the rank is determined by the amount of experience and expertise that the soldier has gained over time. This is important in order to ensure that the soldier will have a successful and rewarding career.

In addition, the Philippine Army has many different branches that are involved in military operations. These include the Maritime Group, which is responsible for all police functions over Philippine territorial waters; the Intelligence Group, which serves as the PNP’s intelligence unit; and the Police Security and Protection Group, which provides security to important government installations, officials and dignitaries.


In the Philippines, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is primarily responsible for protecting Filipinos and the state from threats. Its main, oldest and largest branch is the Philippine Army (PA).

The PA consists of 11 divisions spread across Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and the South. Its mission is to conduct land combat and operations in order to protect Filipinos from internal and external threats.

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Despite the high salary, the philippine army is not without its challenges and hardships. For instance, some soldiers are sent to war zones and are put in dangerous positions.

Positions Monthly Base Pay
General PHP 149,785
Lieutenant General PHP 125,574
Major General PHP 102,896
Brigadier General PHP 91,058
Colonel PHP 80,583
Lieutenant Colonel PHP 71,313
Major PHP 62,555
Captain PHP 56,582
First Lieutenant PHP 49,528
Second Lieutenant PHP 48,829
First Chief Master Sergeant PHP 38,366
Cadet PHP 38,366
Probationary Second Lieutenant PHP 38,366
Chief Master Sergeant PHP 34,761
Senior Master Sergeant PHP 34,079
Master Sergeant PHP 33,411
Technical Sergeant PHP 32,756
Staff Sergeant PHP 32,114
Sergeant PHP 31,484
Corporal PHP 30,867
Private First Class PHP 30,261
Private PHP 29,668
Candidate Soldier PHP 18,587

But these soldiers do their best to serve their country and protect fellow Filipinos from enemies. The philippine army is made up of people from different backgrounds, who are devoted to serving the nation and protecting its citizens.

The philippine army is one of the few branches that offer a variety of career options and challenging challenges to its members. Its members are rewarded with good salaries and great benefits, which make the job more enjoyable.

The Philippine Army ranks and salary are based on education, experience, and rank. Employees with a bachelor’s degree can expect a higher salary than those with only a high school diploma.


The Philippine Army is the main branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) responsible for ground warfare. It has a long history of fighting in both domestic and international conflicts.

The Army has 101,000 active personnel and 100,000 ready reserves. Its headquarters is located at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City, Metro Manila.

It is led by the Chief of the Army who is a lieutenant general, assisted by the vice-commander and the chief of staff of the armed forces. The rank insignia of commissioned officers are shoulder epaulette while those of non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel are rank collars or sleeves.

In addition to the ranks of commissioned officers, the AFP has many honorary ranks, but these are only awarded during wartime or in times of national defense concerns. The highest peacetime rank is the four-star general, held by the AFP chief of staff.

This rank is held by military officers who have shown heroism and significant contributions to the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The AFP Chief of Staff is assisted by 10 officers who hold the rank of major general/rear admiral.

There are also 10 divisions of the AFP that are commanded by senior commanders who carry the rank of major general/rear admiral. These divisions are called Joint Staff Divisions and are based at the AFP’s general headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo, Taguig City, Metro Manila.

The AFP has a number of training schools that provide advanced and basic training for its soldiers. These schools are typically located at army bases in the country and offer training on specific areas of expertise such as infantry and artillery, among others.

Aside from centralized schools, there are also army divisions that train soldiers at base camps throughout the country. This type of training is more common in the army than centralized schools because it allows for more flexibility and ease.

The Philippine Army also offers benefits for servicemembers, such as free housing, medical and dental care, and insurance. They are also eligible for a variety of retirement programs, including disability and death benefits.

Career Opportunities

The Philippine Army, as the name suggests, is the land force that defends the country. It has a proud 122-year history and remains one of the most innovative and forward thinking forces in the world today.

Aside from its military role, the philippine army also plays a crucial role in nation building and peace and development. It is a benefactor of the government’s whole-of-nation approach to containing insurgency, and it has played a major role in restoring peace and stability to some of the most tumultuous regions in the Philippines.

Some of the more exciting activities undertaken by members of the PH Army include combating corruption, protecting and safeguarding our country, and improving the lives of Filipinos in their own backyards through initiatives like the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLI). The PH Army is also a major player in bringing about the modernization of the country’s aging infrastructure through programs such as the Philippine Electric Company and TESDA.

For the most part, the PH Army has an excellent benefits package including health, dental and vision insurance, and a pension upon retirement.

The PH Army is also an excellent place to test your mettle in the armed forces, with a number of special training programs available to qualified applicants. In particular, the PH Army has a strong history of training and educating young Filipinos in a range of disciplines. This includes the arts, science and technology. The PH Army has the highest enrollment of foreign students among the nations military services, and it is a leader in integrating the next generation of the Philippines’ workforce into its ranks.

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