What are the types of loans in the Philippines?

Some loans do not differ from other countries, and some are area-specific. The list of widespread loans that people often use is personal, calamity, salary, business, car, home, health, but the list is longer than that.

What is your credit card aggregator useful for me?

Using our credit card aggregator brings a lot of advantages. The time of your account approval is much shorter with us than in other institutions. Any client can start using our services within a couple of hours. We have a round-the-clock support system and consultants who ensure a smooth transition. We also do not take time to review applications and do not perform long-winded checks. As a result, the interest rates and commissions might be a little higher than in a bank.

What is a credit history?

Every person who deals with financial institutions has a credit history. The minute you get the first credit card issued, the history begins. Since that moment every single debt and the way it was returned gets recorded. All the records on your transactions of taking and returning the money to any kind of financial institution are combined into your history. As a result, you get your score. This score tells companies how well you are doing with the institution and whether you stick to the rules of returning the money. In the long-term, it improves your interest rates on loans. If the person has a low score and has current borrowings, they can still receive another one. For the company it is a risk, so the fee for such service will increase.

What is the difference between Cash Loan and Personal loan?

Both loans come in handy for business people. However, there is a dramatic difference in the amount of money one can get. For the personal loan, one should be qualified based on income and employment. Besides, there should be a good credit history. With cash loans, the situation is much easier. It does not provide more than a couple of thousands though. The among you can borrow with a cash loan is not enough to cover for business needs or any large expenses.

Is it possible to get approval for an application with a bad history?

Having a good credit history is a positive thing. It does not mean that it is a must. Bad history means that your commission on return will be higher. The process of reviewing your application will not change though and a loan is still possible to get.

What Amount Can You Borrow With a Payday Loan?

The amount of money under payday loan is close to $500 or less.

How Does One Get a Payday Loan?

Applying for such a type of loan takes a couple of minutes. It is possible to get it online within an hour or so. To be qualified for such borrowing, you need to be 18 years old and show the identification document. Some paperwork on your income or employment is also needed. If you have any stable income besides a day job, it is recommended to show proof of it.

What Do I Need To Merit For a Payday Loan?

You need to have a passport or proof of residency, employment, and income proof. Also, your bank statement is required.

How Many Payday Loans Can One Have At Once?

Lending from one company means that you have a limited number of options. However, you can go to a couple of lenders and have loans with them. One company usually provides one or two loans to one client. The amount of money issued within one loan should not exceed $500. If you take loans with different and unrelated companies, you might get up to 5-6 separate payments.

What Is The Maximum Amount One Can Borrow With A Payday Loan

The payday loan is a short-term kind and usually does not envisage large amounts of money. It should not exceed $500. In some cases, companies are willing to give $600 or two different loans.

What Are The Requirements For a Payday Loan

To get a payday loan one needs to submit paperwork that includes identification, bank records, and sign the agreement. The company checks the eligibility of a persona and approves or rejects the request within one-two days or sooner, depending on the amount.